List of members who participated in the jury in previous editions:

Internal members of the jury arc.usi:

Arch. Nicola Baserga, Arch. Gabriele Cappellato, Arch. Raffaele Cavadini, Pres. Arch. Marc-Henry Collomb, Arch. Marc-Henry Collomb, Arch. Sergio Crotti, Arch. Marco Della Torre, Arch. Pia Durisch, Prof. Christoph Frank, Arch. Aurelio Galfetti, Arch. Giraudi, Arch. Franz Graf, Prof. Jacques Gubler, Arch. Bruno Keller, Arch. João Nunes, Arch. Alfredo Pini, Arch. Luigi Snozzi.

External members of the jury:

Arch. Ursula Bolli, Arch. Peppo Brivio, Prof. Howard Burns, Arch. Raffaele Cavadini, Arch. Aldo Cibic, Arch. Pierre Alain Croset, Arch. Ivano Gianola, Arch. Marco Ortalli, Arch. Giacomo Polin, Arch. Alessandro Scandurra.

Members of the family:

Eligio Boni, Giusi Boni-Filippini, Prof. Howard Burns, Dott. Cosimo Filippini, Zeno Filippini.

The jury shall be made up as follows: two members from within the Academy of Architecture, appointed by the Council of the Academy; two external members, appointed by common accord; one member of the family (or a person appointed by the family).


Arch. Ursula Bolli, Mrs. Amanda Prada and Arch. ETHZ Monica Sciarini.